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Tip 8 – Cutting Cost at Home {31 Days of Change}

Happy Weekend, y’all! What are you doing this weekend? Something special with the family? Something to celebrate Fall? Andrew has to work all weekend (6a – 6:30p both days)… So I’m not too sure what Elizabeth & I will get into just yet!

Before I figure that out, I wanted to share with you another tip in the 31 Days of Cutting Cost at Home Series! If you’re new, or need to refresh your memory, you can click on the piggy bank button in the left sidebar to view all of the tips! 

Tip 8
I have shared with you in a couple of posts now about my Shaklee products. This is my newest way of saving lots of money! I’ve mentioned before that I am a clean freak! I use to always shop the cleaning supply shelves for the newest greatest products. I spent tons. Well, not anymore. Shaklee’s Basic H is not only the most effective product I’ve ever used, but it’s probably the cheapest, too! And being all natural and green makes it perfect! One $10 bottle of Basic H equals over 4,000 bottles of windex! Crazy, right? I was totally skeptical at first, but it’s for real! Check out this cost comparison list

Sorry I couldn’t clip the entire thing, you can view it here

If you are interested in saving money this way, click here!

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