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ABC Magnets {Handmade Christmas}

We had such a nice trip to Kansas. I have sooooo much to share with you, that I don’t know where to begin. And giving the fact that Christmas is 5 days away and I haven’t finished (or started) most of my gifts or cooking, it may be a few more days before I can begin to really share with you the things I want to.

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I wanted to stop in tonight (or morning, since it’s after midnight) to show you one of the gifts I did complete today, though.

a b c  magnets  

My niece loves “mag-a-nets”! She has been catching on to her abc’s alongside her big brother, so I thought these would be the perfect gift!


These didn’t take very long, but they were not my favorite project… My hands were covered in glue by the end (and I hate that feeling, crazy for a crafter, I know)… But the best part?!? IT WAS FREE!!!! I had all of the supplies on hand!
What you need:     
  • marbles (fish bowl gem things, haha, I don’t know their name)
  • printer & paper
  • scissors or punch
  • mod podge & glue
  • magnets (I cut up old advertising magnets like the doctors office gives you)
 How To:    
  • I made text-box circles in Microsoft Word and added the alphabet.
  • Printed it out on scrapbook paper
  • Cut out each circle (a 1″ punch would sure be handy)
  • Mod Podge the circle to the flat side of the stone (letter facing the bubble part)
  • After it dries, glue the magnet on  (I used super glue for this, because I was afraid hot glue would come off and e6000 takes too long to dry)

screenshot of text box circles

I’m adding these to the Handmade Christmas section!!!

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Teacher Gift {Handmade Christmas}

I know I am falling behind in my Handmade Christmas posts, part of it is a serious lack of being at home and part of it is fear of giving away the gifts to my family…
Today, I’m here to show you a great teacher gift, though! I originally saw this at Domestically Speaking. My nephew & I made it for his teachers on the first day of school!


All you need is an old mason jar (or any recycled glass jar), a bag of peanut MnMs (or regular, plus a few for yourself), scrapbook paper, rafia ( ribbon or anything to tie it with will work).
I just typed the little saying up in Word and printed it it on cardstock. You can change it up anyway you like.

Cut it out, punch a whole, a tie it on! I also cut a little circle of paper to go under the lid!
What do you think? Do you give your teachers gifts?!? I’d love for you to link up your ideas in the comments section!
Happy Monday, y’all!

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DIY Floating Shelves Tutorial {and Handmade Christmas}

WELCOME to my new followers from The Follow Fest! If you haven’t already, find me on facebook where I post too pretty often, and you can connect with me one-on-one!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your weekend was great, too! I’ll post more about that later, but for today, I finally want to share with you something I receive lots of comments and emails about.

This would also make a great (easy & inexpensive) gift for someone, too! I know two people on my list who have asked for them! So I’m also adding these to the Handmade Christmas List!


Without further ado….

 Supplies Two 1x4s, mulling strip or ¼ round molding, wood glue, miter saw (or have store cut materials to size), nail gun or drill, clamps, tape measure & pencil,

Step 1gather all of your materials
Step 2measure and cut your 1x4s & molding to size (if you didn’t have the store do it for you)
Step 3align your 1x4s like shown, then take your nail gun & shoot nails through the end all the way across (or screw with a drill and 2” screws – predrill your holes. 4 or 5 should do it)
Step 4Using your caulk gun, spread glue across the widest board as shown.
Step 5Remove any excess glue & clamp together for a couple of hours (if you can wait, unlike me)
Step 6Paint whatever color you like. I’ve used regular paint or spray paint (I prefer to spray)
Step 7Once the paint is dry, measure where you want to hang them and then screw the backs onto the wall (into a stud is recommended). Cover any screw holes with something pretty!


Tip: Primed 1x4s would probably work best, but I didn’t want to delay writing this any longer, so I just used the regular 1x4s I had (from an old pallet, actually). They’re not pretty, but paint will cover the ugliness right up! And once you decorate them, I promise you won’t notice any defects (trust me, the white ones in my dining room are pretty rough)!

These cost you under $10 for paint and everything! Unless you use a pallet like I did, then the cost would be about $4!
Here is the set that I spray painted black for my family room’s gallery wall.  Original Post here
Sorry it’s so grainy – ugh! These I cut two different lengths, and love! Original post here.

What do you think?!? When you make your own, please link back and share with all of us!

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