Holy Moly


Let me attempt to sum up the past month. It seems like everyone I know, or anyone I’ve even casually spoken to lately have been feeling the same way: crazy! It seems like life is hectic and full and even a little hard (or maybe a whole lot hard) for everyone right now.

The end of March and beginning of April I was in Connecticut meeting my new God Daughter. We still have a home there, so I had to take care of some things there as well. But just being with our old framily (that is friends who are like family) was exactly what my soul needed for the week. I got to have dinner and sleepovers with my bestest girls, and had the most amazing pleasure of holding baby L as she was christened!

photo 1

As I was flying home on April 1st, I received the dreadful call I knew was coming soon, that my Nanny was losing her battle with cancer and that they would be sending her home with Hospice care soon. I arrived home late Tuesday night and got to be with her on Wednesday at the hospital before meeting Hospice at her home to set up her bed, etc. I spent the next week with her, coming home a few hours at a time to see Elizabeth and have a little time to myself. Exactly a week later, on Wednesday she passed, in my hands, from this life to the next. Death is never easy, but I am so thankful for the peace that passes all understanding.

photo 2

As He filled me up with peace, I got to bask in the glory with Elizabeth that Nanny was no longer suffering and waiting. She is with The Lord, and for that we celebrated. We will miss her greatly – her daily calls especially, but we are thankful she is no longer just lingering on, and that we can get back to a “new normal”.

photo 3

In the midst of the craziness, we brought home 3 baby chicks (and a cat)! We love those fuzzy little gals! I forgot how quickly chicks grow.

photo 2

We also found ourselves car shopping (still have to get it) for a new car for me! Somehow, even during the busyness and not being able to really work, my business has been growing and I have advanced three promotions in the past two months, which allows for a free car from Shaklee!! We are super excited, and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

photo 4
With everything else going on, Easter snuck up on us this year.  Saturday, we attending a big Easter festival and egg hunt with our church! It was the first day we were able to all be together as a family the whole month, so it was so nice! Easter Sunday, last minute, as in after church, I realized I didn’t have plans or food to prepare for Easter Dinner, so we spent the day at my cousins house, which we all enjoyed!

photo 4

This week, things have been a little calmer. We are settling back into routine, Elizabeth and I are both happy to both be back home and on schedule full time! Which has allowed me to finally get my house back under control (how does it get so behind so quickly) and begin tackling Spring Cleaning!! And since the post didn’t go live as scheduled a few weeks ago (which in hind-site wasn’t a bad thing), you can be on the lookout for a whole new blog series soon!!

photo 5

Spring is definitely my all time favorite, and I cannot keep Elizabeth in the house (she’s escaped more times than I can count – even with door chimes), so I’ve quit fighting it we have just enjoyed the past few week’s worth of  beautiful days, blooming flowers, and green grass!

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Speaking of blooming flowers, and as a little side note, my house currently smells like Heaven since I cut a bunch of lilacs and almost ready hydrangeas to place around the house! I filled up three vases yesterday, and you can even smell them upstairs! They’re my absolutely favorite! And I really do hope that’s what Heaven smells like!! Mmmmm!

photo 5

So that’s my crazy past few weeks in a nutshell!

I have to  leave you with this song… It’s been on repeat this past month and has definitely kept me grounded in the midst of the chaos:


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  1. Jamie Goins says:

    I just thought I would let you know how inspiring your post are. I love following you and reading you post. I also love my Shaklee products I have ordered from you.I love the song you put up we sing it at Church all the time. I lost my mom in February, from a 18 year battle with heart disease. I am working on getting life back to a new normal too. Even though many days are hard I am with you, in believing that she is in no more pain and enjoying a great life with our savior. I pray for healing for you and your family. I would also love,when you get time, if you could send me information on joining your team and how you make your business such a success.

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