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I get asked all the time about Shaklee. What is it, why did I choose it, etc…

That’s a hard question to sum up in just a short post, but basically, Shaklee is the Number 1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US. They’ve been around for almost 60 years now, and were essentially green before green was more than a color! They have 4 different major product lines: healthy home, healthy weight, healthy beauty, and healthy nutrition. I love them all. I’ve been using them in my home for over 3 years, and gradually over the past 3 years I have made our home completely non-toxic with Shaklee – from the cleaners, to our shampoos & soaps, to our daily supplements, and to our meal replacement smoothees!

Maybe you’ve heard of them from Oprah, or from the fact that the cleaners are the only thing used in the White  House for the past 8 years, either way, if you’d like more information, you can find it here:

But today, I wanted to share our amazing March Specials before the month is up!!!

For anyone who is new to Shaklee, if you place a qualifying order (which is easy, and we can discuss) you’ll receive a FREE lifetime membership (which saves you 15-25% off for life) AND one of my favorite cans of protein smoothee mix!


Here are a couple of options:


As we gear up for Spring Cleaning (full post coming tomorrow), the first step is to gather your arsenal! Shaklee provides the safest, greenest, most effective cleaning products out there! You can see how I clean my whole house (including laundry and dishes) with JUST the products shows above here. For anyone who purchases a kit before the 31st, you’ll receive the incentives above PLUS a free Shaklee Scour Off (which is the only Get Clean product not included in the kit).  BUY HERE | Cost Comparison Sheet Here | Usage Guide Here 

march lean and healthy

My second favorite package would be the Lean & Healthy Kit – it contains ALL of your monthly nutrients needed for a healthier, more energetic month! Currently, I am doing the full turnaround to lose my weight (30 pounds down, woot woot), but I also use the Vitalizer that’s in the L&H Package, so to save some money once all of the weight is gone, I will be switching to the Lean & Healthy Kit! BUY HERE | More Info


I also highly recommend the Enfuselle Skincare Line! Enfuselle is like nutrition therapy for your skin!! It has made a WORLD of difference for me! Combined with clean eating, I can go without foundation totally now! I love this system! It is of course all natural, and simply amazing! Every night is like my own little luxury spa escape when I apply it! BUY HERE | Learn More


And last, but definitely one of the most beneficial is the 5 Day Mini Detox! You can find out all of my results and details here. I LOVE this, and am actually doing the detox again this week!

Shaklee has tons (over 300) other products to fill your needs as well. From Children’s Health to Athletes, and way way more. Browse all the products here:


Also, I have to mention that if you already love the products, or are looking for a way to get healthier AND / OR be able to add to your income, I would LOVE to help you!  I am currently looking for a few more motivated women who are serious about creating a healthier, wealthier home for their family! I am interviewing for the next week, so if you’d like to talk, email me!

PDI Now Interviewing

This month only, you can start your own business and join Project Dream Intl: the fastest growing team in Shaklee for only $299. EMAIL ME for more info!

march exclusive regular size

Woo!!! So many exciting things!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for Spring Cleaning!! Woohoo!

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  1. Hi I signed up with someone last year but never hear from them and I love that you have such helpful info. Anyway I can order through you instead of them?

  2. Kimberly says:

    I love your blog!

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