Fighting Cold & Flu Season–on the go!

Cold and flu season. Ack. A few weeks ago, before we were knee-deep yet in the season, I shared on a webinar how we actively seek preventative health care and build our immune system year-round to care for our bodies and help them fight naturally – especially this time of year.

If you’re new here, know that we typically live and choose a more natural lifestyle. We eat clean, we choose the best supplements, we live in a chemical-free home… You get the picture… But sometimes, oh sometimes, bugs and colds still sneak in.

That’s why on Black Friday, while stores were packed with folks trying to find a bargain, I was wandering around Target 750 miles from home trying to find essentials to fight the cold that traveling welcomed us with.


So what do we consider essentials for cold and flu season, ESPECIALLY while we’re away from home with limited space and just want to feel better?!


Truth is, the essentials are the same, regardless of where you are: Kleenex, chicken noodle (or rice) soup, rest, and extra supplements! On this particular trip to Target though, while we were all sneezing and coughing and puffy-eyed, we picked up a 4 pack of Kleenex (and saved a couple bucks – here’s a coupon you can use, too), some canned soup (it’s not quiet as healing as homemade with bone broth, but while traveling it is pretty darn good), and since Elizabeth’s supplement intake can’t be quiet as much as Andrew & I, we picked up extra cold and cough medicine for her (we love Hyland’s homeopathic brand).


So besides the essentials of what you need, here are a few of my favorite tips to keep in mind:

Stay hydrated! Push lots of fluids, specifically water. Lay off of milk and dairy, as it is not friends with mucus. Of course, wash your hands very often, especially if you’re traveling and going in a ton of different rest rooms like we did (3 year old girls and 12 hour road trips, enough said).

Those were pretty basic, but here are some things that I also do…

I diffuse essential oils. I don’t have a fancy car diffusor, but those Kleenex work perfect! I just put a few drops of my favorites on the Kleenex, and put it right in the air vent. This weekend, all I had with me was plain Eucalyptus oil, and also Breathe and On Guard oil blends (which help with immunity and opening up respiratory functions).

I also crush garlic supplements (pure, good quality) and place them in our socks. Sure, the socks will smell later, but you’ll feel better! Seriously. Garlic is a natural anti-viral and anti-fungal!  If I’m at home, I’ll do this during the day, but at night I make a goot salve like this.


While we would have loved to be out doing more things in Kansas, rest was so necessary! And it was kind of perfect just being able to relax and hang out with Grandmama at home, despite the constant sneezing and snorting.


So tell me, what are YOUR must have essentials, or must do tips during cold and flu season!? I’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment below! And as always, feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook, or pin it in your “health” board on Pinterest! And while you’re at it… print off this coupon to save on your Kleenex needs, or to stock up and donate to your kids school, local nursing home, church, etc!

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  1. Colloidal silver and a netipot can’t live without those during cold and flu season!

  2. Netipot is a MUST! While pregnant with my first I was not able to take any OTC so I used a Netipot and all the nasty junk in my sinus was gone within 24 hours. We also love essential oils, especially onGaurd on the feet. My new thing has been Elderberry syrup. A tablespoon a day to keep sickies a way. But most important of all…is to take my daily vitamins and stay hydrated. That is the best way to stay healthy.

  3. Right now, I am drinking a hot tea ( spearmint, peppermint, stinging nettle, licorice, linden, fennel, tulsi) with honey and echanecea. It also helps to put lemon juice and ginger in the tea but not too found of the taste. Collodial Silver is also good. The kids are coughing at the moment so I have been using a humidifer in their room with drops of rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus. We also really like Hyland’s cough syrup and we use vicks (I know horrible) but I really want to make Wellness Mama’s homemade elderberry syrup, herbal cough syrup, and homemade vicks.

  4. 1st as soon as school year starts I start all of us on echinacea immune booster supplement 2xdaily until spring break. When ever I know I have been in public places during high chance sickness season I do use the anti-bacterial wipes frequently in & out of the stores and I also use them to wipe the inside of my nose out with one as soon as I get back in my car before heading home. I am also a huge fan of detox baths with essential oils and I even will run the vaporizer with the vics in the bathroom during my bath time. I also LOVE using halls defense vitamin c drops, while we are out in public as well. I would have to knock on wood that I have not had to take any of my three boys or I to the doctor for colds or flus, nor have they missed any school days.

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