How to clean a jacuzzi / whirlpool

I got so much feedback from the “how to clean a top load washer” post, that I decided to move this one up in the queue!


The first four things I cleaned when moving into this house was the washer, the dishwasher, the showers, and the whirlpool! Don’t worry, I’ll share how I clean the dishwasher too!

Step 1 is to fill the tub with hot water –as hot as it can go. Go ahead and fill it up pasts the jets.


While the water is running, add in about 3 Tbs Basic H (all natural household cleaner) and 2 Tbs Basic G (natural germicide). I love  these products and use them for everything. There are no smells or fumes whatsoever (unlike lysol or bleach, that you couldn’t do with the kids around).


It will start getting nice and bubbly.


If you’re like me, you’ll start seeing grossness before the water is even full.


Gag – not required, but you will.


Once the water is over the jets – turn the jets on… Be VERY careful and watch the bubble closely or you will have a bigger mess than you bargained for.


I didn’t take pictures of this part because it was too steamy and fogged up the camera, but let the jets run a good 5-10 minutes. Give it enough time to work the solution through them. Especially if you just bought the house or haven’t cleaned it in a while.


A lot of bacteria can grow in those jets. It’s really gross to think about. They can actually cause a lot of illnesses, so just be sure to clean your tub really well.


After the time is up, cut off the jets, and release the water.


Prepare to gag some more… Then, spray the tub out with the same Basic H and Basic G and wipe it all out really well with a microfiber cloth.

If your tub was really really dirty, you may want to do the same process again until everything stays clear and clean.



This is the first time we’ve had a tub with jets, but we use it a lot. So this is going on my cleaning list at least every six months, if not every three.

Do you have a jacuzzi or whilrpool tub?!? How often do you clean it?

To see how I clean the rest of our house checkout this page, and be sure to follow my daily tips on facebook.

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  1. I clean mine every Tuesday. I do something similar, but after the first cleaning cycle, I use a brush and scrub it out as it drains. Then I refill it and add some bleach or vinegar and let it go again. I also throw my cleaning brushes in there to let them sanitize. Then I drain it again, rinsing really well and do one more cycle with just hot water as a “rinse” cycle. I don’t to turn the jets on and get bleach water in my bath. :)

    • Great, if that works for you! Just be very careful using bleach OR vinegar, as they are both very corrosive and bad on your pipes (and in this case, I can’t imagine they’re safe for your jets either). We haven’t used bleach in our home in probably 5 years…

  2. Where do you get these products? Are they Shaklee? We just moved to a house with a jetted tub. It needs cleaning bad.

  3. Question can you use the basic h2 that I use in my kitchen with the basic g. I see that the basic h just comes in huge quantities that are out of my price range right now. Or am I missing where to purchase smaller quantities of the basic h. Thanks for the post.

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