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Believe it or not, Christmas is over. Seemed like it all flew by. It was an INCREDIBLE holiday. Definitely the best we’ve had since the accident. We haven’t taken our tree down yet, I’m trying to savor all that’s left of the magic. I usually have the itch to take it down by now, but we scaled way down on everything all year long, and Christmas was no exception. I wanted to share with you how I organize my ornaments every year though!


Our tree isn’t fancy with white lights and red and silver ornaments. No, ours holds generations of memories. Ornaments that hung on my grandma’s tree. Ornaments that Andrew and I received growing up. Ornaments we have picked up from our travels. Many of our ornaments were my Mama’s, and I have her twinkling “chasing” lights on our tree as well.

I’ve shared before how I live in fear of something happening to me, especially for Elizabeth’s sake. And our Christmas ornaments are so special to us, that if anything should happen to me, I would want Elizabeth to know their origin and meaning!


I bought these plastic shoe storage boxes at Walmart for $2.00 each. I didn’t take time to print labels, I just wrote on them. There are boxes for my mom’s ornaments, mine and Andrew’s together (ornaments we have collected together from trips, our first home, marriage, etc), Elizabeth’s, our childhood ornaments, etc. I also have a box not pictured of CJ’s childhood ornaments and a box of Mom’s gingerbread ornaments, that I don’t use on the tree.

cphoto 5

I labeled the really special ones before I put them in the boxes.

photo 2

aphoto 2

photo 3

Growing up, we always got to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. It always had new pajamas and an ornament in it, and now we do the same for Elizabeth. All the ornaments are labeled on the back.

photo 4

photo 1

The fragile ones are wrapped in tissue paper, and then they’re all placed in these shoe boxes and placed in the big storage tote.


So tell me, when do you pack away all of your ornaments and holiday magic?!

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  1. I use large plastic bins – two of which hold most all of the ornaments. I may have to start a third this year. :) We have actually managed to get all but the wreaths in plastic bins. My husband claims there are 25 bins, but I think he must be mistaken. :) I will leave things up until next week so I can enjoy it. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. Sue Monsey says:

    This is the year that I am going to sort all the ornaments given to my kids over the years (26 and 30). Most of them have a date on the back and I have my list started. Before they go into any boxes (I bought two that have sorter/dividers in them) I am going to take a picture of them to print out (will put date on them when they are printed). I have ornaments from my parents too and now from my husband’s parents that will need to be sorted and labeled. Our tree was very small this year and most of my ornaments are still packed, but it really is time to get them organized before putting them away again.

    • Sue Monsey says:

      This reply is on my own post, I was able to get most of the ornaments organized and I bought a little ‘brag’ book to put the pictures in – each child has a book with their box of ornaments. I didn’t use any of their ornaments this year, just my own personal ones – I must admit it was a little odd not to have certain memories on the tree – will use them next year. I love the idea about the ‘story’ behind the ornament and will work on that this year.

  3. I love this – thank you so much for sharing!! I have all my special ornaments in one big box and wasn’t sure how exactly to keep track of which one was whose and why it was special, etc. I love that you put each person’s in their own little box. I am not sure why I didn’t think of that. lol


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