Elizabeth’s 2nd birthday {minnie mouse picnic}


The party is over, but it was a big hit! I can still not believe this little princess is TWO!

One night around 1am I found myself making her a Minnie Mouse shirt to go with the $5 tutu I found at Target! She loved it!


I try to get a family picture every birthday! It’s neat to see how much we change year to year!


Now, for a thousand pictures! And details at the end!

She woke up to 100 balloons in her room! She was so surprised! This is definitely a tradition we will keep up! She wanted them all in her crib, and then she wanted in there too! These kept her occupied most of the day so I could get things done for her party!


her birthday was Friday, but her party wasn’t until Saturday, so we still celebrated the day of! She got a gluten free waffle with greek yogurt and sprinkles for breakfast! And after dinner, she got the cupcake she had begged for all day!


She got to open our present to her and the couple that came in the mail after dinner! {I found the easel for only $20 at a boutique going out of business! score!}


I had thought we were having a tea party all year. Up until about a month ago, I was set on having a tea party, but then she became obsessed with Minnie! And in hindsight I think a tea party will be better suited when she is a tiny bit older. Truth be told, I had just found the perfect tea party outfit… So all of this, was created and planned in the past month! I searched pinterest for Minnie ideas! You can see where I got a lot of these ideas from on my Minnie Board.

It started with the perfect invitations


and then of course the perfect accessories!


And then everything kind of came together pretty quickly.



have I mentioned how much I love my floating shelves? They truly are perfect for every season! I made a couple of tiles a few hours before the party because I still had nothing to put on them. I created the Happy Birthday sign real quick, added one of my Mom’s antique dishes and made a mat to frame one of her birthday pictures in! A friend of hers had given her the birthday Minnie a few weeks ago, so she was perfect!


These oreos were a pain to make, but they were adorable! I usually buy glutino’s gluten free sandwich cookies, but they don’t make thie mini ones.


A friend and I created the cupcake toppers out of fondant 2 weeks ago. I baked strawberry and vanilla and topped them with cream cheese frosting!


I got the frozen watermelon pop idea from Mama and Baby Love! They were a huge hit! Can you tell what our party colors were?


My aunt recently gave us this rocking chair (that I plan to repaint) and I found Minnie at Goodwill last week!



We had planned on having the picnic outside. I bought several vintage sheets to use as picnic blankets, but it was 108* and way too hot! So we set everything up inside instead. Compromise.


Had I not run out of time, I would have totally wrapped that canvas painting with wrapping paper like we do for Christmas.


I forgot to get a picture with the tomatoes up by the lettuce, but you get the idea! Andrew found me the perfect sandwich cutter on eBay! My mom did this for every party I ever had at school! She did bunnies for Easter, trees for Christmas, etc.


told you it was crazy! There were about 30 people in my tiny little house!


because it was so hot outside and so crowded inside, we decided against the games and just brought the sensory tables inside to play with. We used pasta instead of beans. You should have seen those kids swarm it!


then it was time for cake!


Elizabeth was so happy! She danced and sang right along while we were singing “happy birthday” to her! This was the best shot I got because she was dancing so much!


I must be the first to say that the cake was amazing! There were several failed attempts, but I finally got it just right, and it was delicious! I layered strawberry and vanilla with my secret buttercream frosting!


Elizabeth only ate 1-2 bites of her own cake, and instead went to mooch off of everyone else!


we were very happy Nanny was able to be there! She had just gotten out of the hospital the night before.



and then it was time to open presents!


except, I opened most of them, because she would stop every 2-3 and want to run around. This is another reason we went with the book idea.  At one point she just crashed out and started looking at her books!


before all of the kids went home, we tried to get a pic of all of the kids. I think there are a few missing. Clearly, everyone picked up on the Minnie theme! 5 of the 7 girls were wearing Minnie Mouse!


after we cleaned up, I switched her door hanger. Replaced last year’s theme with this years.



Elizabeth loved it! I wish I had recorded it all, because I really didn’t take that many pictures. I really wanted to be “present” during the party. She was SOOO excited! I woke her up from her nap at 1:50, and as soon as people started arriving she started freaking out! She was so excited she didn’t know who to go to first! She is so loved, and loves every body! Everybody walked in with a Minnie bag, and half of them were wearing Minnie, and she was running around pointing to them all! It was so precious! She couldn’t contain her excitement! She is definitely not shy. Everything came out perfect. I do wish we could’ve played games and spread out outdoors, but everything was really good anyway!


we were going to do:

  • ring around the Minnie. I had hoola hoops to try to ring around the Minnie on a stick (like the one you see made out of the paper plates)
  • pin the bow on Minnie. All of the bows were actual hair bows with alligator clips.
  • we also had bubble tubs set up


    • birthday cake
    • cupcakes
    • oreo Minnies
    • ninja crispies (recipe coming soon)
    • pink lemonade cookies
    • frozen watermelon pops
    • sandwiches
    • pasta salad
    • carrots and cucumbers
    • chips

Accessories and Supplies

  • Minnie ear rings and bracelet –  MonkeysnMunchkins on Etsy
  • Minnie pillowcase dress – PomPoms and Pigtails on Etsy
  • berry baskets – Shop Sweet Lulu
  • polka dot balloons – ebay (cheapest I found)
  • yellow, pink, and turquoise wire baskets – dollar tree
  • goodie bags consisted of: sunglasses (dollar bin at Target), GoGo Sqeeze, Minnie bubbles (walmart), Minnie ball paddle (dollar tree)
  • pink and yellow plates and napkins – walmart
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  1. I love everything about this party. I especially like the idea of having everyone bring a book instead of a gift. By the fourth girl, you tend to have WAY too many barbies and dress ups for one little house. You can never have too many books. ;)

    • I agree! She got like 8 baby dolls for Christmas, I put most of them up in the closet, but she never even plays with the others, and she really doesn’t need anything, so we did the book idea! I was afraid of how people would react, but everybody seemed to love it.

  2. Brittany says:

    Wow, great job mom! I am about to have a two-year-old next month who loves Minnie so seeing all these ideas helps! Thanks for sharing! And I love the look on her face when she’s looking at the waffle!

  3. I love this party!! Makes me wish I had a girl but I did something similar for my son’s 1st Mickey birthday last year :) I love the book idea also and might have to take it this year

    Your daughter is adorable

  4. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I loved everything and the cake turned out great, such a fun birthday party:)

  5. What a gorgeous party. The oreo cookie idea is brilliant! I started a brand new link party today. I would love it if you stopped by and linked this up. :) http://thelifeofjenniferdawn.blogspot.com/2012/07/little-bird-told-me-link-party-1.html

  6. Jessica says:

    What a great party! If you ever have a boy, let me know. I just threw a HUGE airplane themed party last month! Wish I had blog so I could share it!! :)

  7. Oh my gosh- I just found this on Pinterest. I am having my little girl’s first birthday party this weekend and we are doing Minnie Mouse. I LOVE the styrophome balls made into Minnie Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be stealing a lot of your ideas! Thanks so much for posting your fabulous party!

  8. Tera Bruner says:

    Love it! It’s pretty simple too! How did you make the Minnie mouse with the plates, I’m sure it’s simple but wanted to make sure I do it right. What were all the activities did you do or plan? And how did you do them?

  9. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  10. i love your ideas…im giving my daughter that will be one in january a minnie mouse tea party….and the idea with the lunch meat and bread was a great idea.

  11. What an awesome party!! Love the cake, decorations and food. Everyone looks like they had a great time!!!

    I am thinking of throwing a Minnie inspired birthday party for my almost two year old!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas: )

    Have a blessed day!

  12. I am throwing my son a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday next week and plan on doing the sandwiches just like yours. How thick did your meat have to be? I assume I can get the pre-sliced cheese but I haven’t figured out meat yet. Tips?

  13. My sister is have a minnie mouse party I will have to share all of these ideas! :)

  14. Wow, what a beautiful party! I especially love the cupcakes and birthday cake!

  15. I am interested in the invitation. Are you able to customize it with a different name, date and location and sell me a printable download?


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