Ready to Rock 2012


I promise to not make every post about Shaklee, but I just left our 2012 Kick-Off event and I am PUMPED!!!

I LOVE what I do! And I LOVE my team! So excited to rock 2012!!!
Vegas? Mayan Riviera? Kenya? For free? Yes, please!

Do you:
Want to stay at home with your babies?
Want to contribute more to your family?
Want to enrich the lives of many others?
Want to live a healthier lifestyle and/or encourage others to do the same?

Need to pay off debt?
Want to go on all inclusive trips of a lifetime like the ones I will earn this year?
Want to pay for that private school or start saving for a college fund?

Well, I’m telling you, with Shaklee it’s all totally doable, and I am stoked about the opportunities it will open up to my family in 2012.

If you are serious about starting the year off right with a fresh start and are ready to make a huge difference for your family & the world, please EMAIL ME! I am currently looking for 3 new business leaders!

Trust me, if I can do this, so can YOU!

You can read more about How I make money from home here!

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