Thank You, Sarah

This is a touchy subject. Being raised in a Christian home in The South, there are a few things you never discuss (politics, religion, sex, and money). That is why I haven’t really blogged about it before, or even discussed it openly to anyone. However, Andrew and I have found ourselves in the midst of a li’l financial crisis. And since you all know I seem to be the Black Sheep of my family, I’m going to tell you about it.

I haven’t had a full time job since we moved to Tennessee after the accident, and clearly ends have gotten harder and harder to meet each month.  In fact, if it wasn’t for my aunt basically letting us live rent free (since we still have our house in Connecticut and all) the past two or three months, we probably wouldn’t have eaten anything.We went from making over $100k a year to making around $40k. That’s a huge difference. And, we still have the same amount of bills, plus a baby and rent. However, I depict asking for help. I hate owing anybody something. I have applied and interviewed for numerous jobs, despite desperately wanting to be home with Elizabeth. But nothing ever came of any of them. I have posted childcare ads, and have gotten several responses, but once it comes time to have a formal playdate, they bail. Suffice it to say, I believe everything happens for a reason. And somehow, God has still given us resources we need to live on, for which we are forever grateful.

That’s where Sarah comes in. I have followed her blog for several months. She has great tips on natural cleaning, and does amazing furniture makeovers. Being a lover of all things healthy and natural, I decided to check out the products she use, and coincidentally sells. I contacted her, but had a pretty hefty stock of my seventh generation products to get me by for a while, so I didn’t purchase anything. Then she posted this. And the video made me literally say, “yes” out loud, numerous times. What’s not to love about it? Shaklee’s motto is: A Healthier Life for Everyone and a Better Life for Anyone. This is the first thing I saw when I looked at their site, “Maybe you’re looking for a way to get healthier. Or a way to make a healthier income. Maybe you’d like both. Maybe there are things that matter more to you than money. We get it. Life can be better. You can live healthier, you can make a healthier income, and you can do it by making people and the planet healthier too.” It made me want to shout AMEN! Does that not sound exactly like what I was seeking from my Challenge? And the best part, I don’t have to leave Elizabeth at all. Not to have an office job, and not to host a ton of parties to make money.

So what did I do? I contacted Sarah right away. She replied very quickly, and we talked for a while and I took the leap of faith and signed up to be a Distributor! I am very excited! I haven’t tried any of their products yet, but they have rave reviews, and I have heard nothing but positives since telling people. I can’t wait to get my first shipment in the mail. Shaklee was the very first company in the world to receive the Climate Neutral Certification, meaning they have no negative impact on the planet. Their cleaning products were first developed in the ’60s before being green was even popular, and they haven’t changed since. They’ve been around for over 50 years, and are world famous.

If this sounds like something that you yourself might be interested in (either products, making an income like I already am, or both) please contact Sarah right away. I promise you won’t be sorry.

Thank you, Sarah. Thank you.

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  1. Greg and Kim says:

    Hey girl, I love your new blog layout, and I have loved reading about your challenge. It's fun to watch someone catch fire for God and then just keep burning. I'm sorry that you guys have been struggling so, but I'm hopeful for this new economic venture. An elder's wife at my church sells Shaklee and loves it. And coincidentally, it helped them out of a l'il financial crisis as well. We will hopefully be moving to Nashville soon (pray for us that we can find jobs!), and I would love to try out some Shaklee:).

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