Date Night Picnic


   After 11 years, we are trying to be more intentional and take more time for our marriage. To include date nights. Recently we did something totally new and different and spent the evening at a painting class. I had went once before with some girlfriends so I knew people brought in … {Continue reading}

Protein “Pancakes”


I love it when thoughts in my head become good recipes!!     4 eggs, 4 scoops of Shaklee Vanilla Protein, 2 ripe bananas, dash of pumpkin pie spice.  Mix Well, cook in pan or griddle like regular pancakes. Flip once bubbly on top. Careful to not cool on high heat. Can use coconut … {Continue reading}

Homemade Dairy & Sugar Free Iced Coffee


Dairy and Sugar Free Iced Coffee: 8 oz brewed coffee 4 oz almond milk (or coconut or other varieties – or regular if you can have dairy) 2-3 tsp grade b, pure maple syrup (depending on how sweet you want it) 1 tsp vanilla ice Fill shaker cup or mason jar with lid with ice, add all … {Continue reading}

Simple Grilled Chicken & Veggie (any flavor you want)


One of my favorite summer dinners! Super simple, inexpensive, nutritious, and family-approved!!! What’s better than that? All you need is meat and veggies. You can use chicken, steak, or fish (just watch cook time). For veggies, you can use anything. I often do fajita style with … {Continue reading}

MY story – LISTEN LIVE :)

  It is almost Friday! I hope you're having a great week!! This is out of the blue, but maybe you've been wondering where I've been lately (and maybe not). Truth is, I have been super busy simplifying all areas of my life and focusing on some major changes and creating a future that we want! … {Continue reading}

Go Green this Earth Day


  Are you making any changes for your family this year?   One easy way to go green in you home is by switching brands! You can replace your current household cleaners for natural, non-toxic ones that work! I have loved and been using Shaklee’s Get Clean Line for over 4 … {Continue reading}

Strawberry Cous Cous Salad

Warmer Weather and longer days have me craving fresher foods! This Strawberry Cous Cous Salad is one of my favorites! Whether I’m making a lunch portion for myself or a dinner portion for the whole family! Plus it’s pretty. And easy. I use a bed of fresh spinach and add as much of the … {Continue reading}

Brandee’s Story


I haven’t shared a ton about my business here on RATR – I do that at our partner site, Project Dream Intl. But I will be incorporating more stories here. Especially the powerful ones like today. I am officially “that Pinterest lady”, haha, but you have GOT to hear Brandee’s sotry. It is long, but oh … {Continue reading}

diy fresh Easter eggs


  Last Easter was a little unplanned as my grandmother had just passed away. A lot of our traditions and decorations went by the wayside. The night before Easter I realized that we had never colored eggs. And it was also our first Easter of having fresh brown eggs. Did I really want to go buy … {Continue reading}

Rainbow Veggie Side Dish

  Looking for a delicious spring / summer (or anytime, really) side dish?! Well this is one of our favorites – and of course it is simple! And packed with nutrients! You could really use any veggie you want here – cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, snap peas – you name it! … {Continue reading}