Rainbow Veggie Side Dish

  Looking for a delicious spring / summer (or anytime, really) side dish?! Well this is one of our favorites – and of course it is simple! And packed with nutrients! You could really use any veggie you want here – cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, snap peas – you name it! … {Continue reading}

Cauliflower couscous and rice


  Our family has recently transitioned into a grain free lifestyle. I have been gluten free since my miscarriage and fibro diagnosis in 2008. But y’all, it is hard! Carbs are practically my love language. BUT, I feel so much better and think so much clearer when I avoid them. So, mentally … {Continue reading}

organizing dress up clothes


  Last week I shared how I organize our daughter’s clothes. Today, I wanted to share how I keep her other wardrobe – her dress up clothes – organized. It’s simple really. I picked up the hook (in picture above) at Big Lots for a little bit of nothing. I bought it to hang towels on in the … {Continue reading}

5 day detox


I have gotten floods of emails since I mentioned doing a recent detox, so today I wanted to share more!   I have done this detox several times over the past few years, and I LOVE it!!! I always feel amazing on it, feel great after, lose a few pounds (I’ve lost anywhere from 2-12 pounds each … {Continue reading}

organizing kids clothes


  Whether it’s the January crunch, cabin fever, or the anticipation for spring, everyone seems to be in clean out and clean up mode! Myself included! This is how I keep my daughter’s clothes neat and organized! I use this method for all of her tutus / skirts, shorts, … {Continue reading}

natural oral care for dogs!


  I share a lot about how I keep our family healthy (naturally – meaning without chemicals found in traditional home / health / body care products). Today I’m sharing how I keep our Cocker’s mouth healthy! She is very much a part of our family after all! Once a month (or more often if … {Continue reading}

how to sanitize toys (without bleach / lysol)


  Sanitizing Toys:  It seems like everywhere we turn, whether on facebook or the Target aisle, kids are sick! It breaks my Mama Heart. *knock on wood* we haven’t had a sick visit to the doctor in over 4 years. With the exception of HFM, and the occasional runny nose / cough, Elizabeth … {Continue reading}

Cleaning with bottle brushes {more uses than you’d think}


Today I have a few simple quick tips for you as you prepare your home for spring cleaning! You know those old bottle brushes that you no longer have bottles to clean with?! I kept one handy and today I’ll show you why! They are for way more than bottles / glassware! Who knew?!? So what else do … {Continue reading}

Grilled Salad Bar


We, like many of you since the New Year are changing the way we eat this year. Yes, we’ve always eaten pretty “clean”, but this year we are going a little more extreme and cutting things out like all grains (not just gluten) and dairy. I have an entire series planned about what that means, but for … {Continue reading}

8 Ways to Feel Your Best


    We all want to feel great, right?! How many of us feel as good as we really want to though?! Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little bit better?! Have a little more energy, a little less stress, a little more oomph? I struggled with the same thing for a few years. Most of you don’t … {Continue reading}