Why I Use Shaklee’s Non-Toxic Cleaners


Home should be the safest place on the planet right?! Your sanctuary, your quiet resort from the rest of the world. But is it?! I’ve shared a lot about my story before, but when I got pregnant after our miscarriage I decided then to start doing a lot of things differently. Our diets had … {Continue reading}

Shaklee Live Recap


  I got so many emails and comments asking about my social media posts last week while I was in Long Beach!! Truthfully, I’m still wrapping my head around my life-changing week for our Annual Global Shaklee Conference!! This was my 3rd year attending and we had a BLAST!!! I’ll write a … {Continue reading}

loaded bean & rice bowls


  Need a quick Monday night dinner?! I’ve got you covered. This summer we have been eating a lot of simple, quick meals. Andrew has been in school all summer (on top of working 12 hour days), so I never knew what his evening schedule would look like. Needless to say, meal planning hasn’t … {Continue reading}

My Little Pony Party {details and more}


Last week I shared Elizabeth’s My Little Pony cake, and after many emails I’m finally getting the rest of the party posted! We make a big deal of birthdays here. Probably a bigger deal than we do for Christmas (at least in the way of surprises and presents). Every birthday morning begins … {Continue reading}

The EPIC Rainbow Cake


  Whew! The past few weeks have been FULL of Summertime and celebrating! The biggest celebration, which I’m sure you’ve seen on my facebook or instagram was Elizabeth’s 4th Birthday. The full details will be coming later this week, but for now, the CAKE!   For her My Little … {Continue reading}

Organizing Toys (and some diy labels)


    Let’s talk toys today. For the most part, like I shared in our old house, we have toy clutter tamed! Elizabeth is far from deprived, but isn’t what I would consider spoiled rotten either (at least not in the form of needing lots of possessions). She has a separate play room in … {Continue reading}

My favorite summer treat!! All natural hydrating drink!


I just discovered the most amazing thing. And it is my new favorite daily treat! Perfect for hot summer days! Guilt free, super safe (and actually really good) for kids, and delicious!! I will be serving this at all bbqs this summer!! Yumm!!! Can I admit that this clean eating girl craves (though … {Continue reading}

life lately


  crazy. adventurous. sunny. warm. FUN.   Somehow May passed in the blink of an eye. I had lots of intentions, especially pertaining to blogging, but somehow the whole month seemed like one amazing, but long day. Let’s see. Shaklee flew Andrew & I out to San Francisco for the … {Continue reading}

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Elizabeth & I had so much fun making *sparkly* chalk paint last week! This is definitely something that will be making a regular appearance this summer around here. You’ve probably already seen it around blog-land and pinterest already, but I just wanted to share it anyway!     … {Continue reading}

Starbucks & Shaklee Treat for you


I have a personal special that I am doing and would love to share! Today only, I am giving a free Starbucks Gift Card for every $50 Shaklee order that is placed via my website. I’m excited about this!! Please go here to place your order here. Please go here to place your order here. THANK … {Continue reading}