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Mother’s Day Wish Basket


I am so excited about this!! I have partnered with several other ah.ma.zing. bloggers to bring to you some incredible Mother’s Day Wish Baskets! We have each included a basket of some of our favorite things and you have the opportunity to win any of them! All of the details are below, but first, … {Continue reading}

Bunnies on Burlap

I know it’s Good Friday, and you’ll most likely be spending time with family this weekend instead of crafting, but go ahead and pin this bad boy for next year!! It was scheduled to post a couple weeks ago, but didn’t… silly bunnies! Enjoy :) Hi, friends! Great to be back here today … {Continue reading}

Clean Eating Recipe: Pan Seared Salmon


  Most of my recipes, as I’m sure you’ve noticed are all pretty clean. Many years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac (2007), we started shopping more cautiously, and in the seven years since we have cleaned up our diets and cut out even more things. 80% of the time, we eat very clean, … {Continue reading}

Shaklee Specials


  I get asked all the time about Shaklee. What is it, why did I choose it, etc… That’s a hard question to sum up in just a short post, but basically, Shaklee is the Number 1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US. They’ve been around for almost 60 years now, and were essentially green … {Continue reading}

My most favorite food: homemade guacamole


If you really are what you eat, then I must be an avocado, because we surely go through them around here. They are definitely one of my families favorites! (fun fact: it was Elizabeth’s first ever food besides milk) I serve avocado on lots of things (toast, eggs, soups, salads, smoothees, … {Continue reading}

in like a lion–out like a lamb


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. March and April are possibly my favorite months. The New Years rush is over. New routines and “resolutions” have been established and the winter begins to fade away, and rebirths my favorite season: spring. Spring to me is the perfect reminder … {Continue reading}

diy fabric bunting

kristi page

okay, y’all know I obviously love bunting since it’s part of my blog design! After a little break, I’m back to posting regularly and I’m super excited Kristi is back with us today – you will love this! Hi, friends! Great to be back here today at Ring Around … {Continue reading}



  A little over a month ago I shared how this year I am focusing on “becoming”… You can find out what that means here, but part {errr… most of that} means I am doing a lot of work on myself! Including some deep down soul evaluating and searching and praying. You see, I don’t just … {Continue reading}



  Sometimes you have to live life instead of blogging about it. That’s how this week has been. Happy Valentine’s, y’all! I’ll be back next week with some fun stuff :) … {Continue reading}

Cloth Diapering 101–The Basics


  Today you get to hear from our third new monthly contributor: Hailey! Hailey is a “crunchy” mom and I love her to death. I got the chance to meet her “in real life” in November, and she’s a cool chick! She i s expecting her 2nd baby, her first girl … {Continue reading}